Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes
Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes

Ergo Life


ERGO Life & Protection


The financial security and peace of mind you are looking for your family. .

A flexible life insurance to guaranty protection and stability for your loved ones, ensuring the sufficient amount of Money to protect your family in case of necessity. We will compensate the beneficiary with the agreed sum in the event of death.

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DKV Accidents

seguros y servicios


DKV Accidents will protect you and your family to the unexpected events that may occurs.



Compensation for

Death, permanent disability, children under 18 years of age, death for traffic accident of both spouses.

Compensation to the capital insured.


You can add the coverage to might need

  • To receive care assistance in our own health care institutions.
  • Compensation for grave incapacity.
  • Daily indemnization from temporally incapacity.
  • Daily indemnization for hospitalization in case of accident.
  • Additional capital in the event of death or total permanent disability for a traffic accident and death due to heart attack.


You decide when you with to be covered by your accident insurance:

24 hours, your profesional life, your prívate life or a traffic accident situation.


Also includes

Free health care services as our DKV Medical Line, discounts in assisted reproduction , tobacco withdrawal or laser surgery to treat myopia.  

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DKV Renta

seguros y servicios 

The sick leave insurance most complete. Also including useful services when you are working at full capacity.


Maximum coverage

¡In case of sick leave.... We are with you!

  • Pension for temporary incapacity in accident or illness.
  • Hospitalization in the event of accident or illness.
  • Childbirth benefit.


You can include other coverages

You decide it, if you need medical care, insured capital in the event of total and permanent incapacity, or an amount for surgical intervention.


Important advantages

  • You can contract a wide range of options: franchising, with progressivity, period of compensation, etc.
  • Payments in advance are permitted.
  • Flexible and quick payment of compensations from the reception of the DKV documentation, been the European leadership in health care insurances, we provide an effective network of specialists and approved medical center all over the Country.  
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Agente Exclusivo 27/1269


Antonio González                                                                                                  


29002 Málaga

Teléfono: +34 688905335


email: agonzalez@yomediador.es


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