Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes
Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes

DKV Dentisalud (dental health)

Furthermore all the big variety and options DKV offers for your heath, DKV presents its product DENTISALUD, a dental great health insurance.

With DKV DENTISALUD all your family will have several kinds of attentions for free, as teeth cleaning, radiography, fluor treatment. You will have important discounts in franchised treatments with prices under the normal market rate.

As in other medical products, DKV offers you different options, depending on your needs:

-DKV DENTISALUD CLASSIC: the basic insurance, the cheapest, for only 6,5€/ month

-DKV DENTISALUD ÉLITE: a dental insurance which makes you to pay less in your treatments, just for 9,5€/month.

DKV DENTISALUD provides you a huge list of dentists at your disposal and moreover a children insurance (under 14 years old) for free – attached to an adult client-. Following advantages are meet on this DENTAL DKV product as well:

-DKV DENTISALUD (dental health) provides you the biggest dental centres net with more than 1.500 dentists around the world.

-In the event of severe dental accident, you will be compensated up to 6.000€, by a reimbursement system, dentists chosen by you (free choice) no franchise applied.

-Children for free (under 14) if attached to a client older than 14 years old.

-Varied free services and others up to 40% of discount.

If you wish to be informed about this DKV DENTISALUD (dental health) insurance or other DKV product, please contact our agents. They will be pleasured to provide you all the info you need. Do not hesitate to call them or to send them an email.

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