Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes
Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes

DKV Integral

With the insurance of health Integral DKV you will have everything what you need to assure your well-being and that of your family: primary assistance, specialists and medical - hospitable attention.
- It guarantees the access to a Sanitary Integral Attention.
- World assistance in case of urgency.
- Of maximum quality and personalized treatment. Sure DKV he has medical own picture integrated by more than 20.000 physicians and 1.000 centers coordinated in the area of the whole national territory. Urgencies, Primary Assistance, Specialists and a half of diagnosis, Hospitalization and Surgery without limits in the expenses.
- Urgencies 24 hours I domicile and clinic, ambulances …
- Preventive Medicine: medical basic, annual checkup.
- General medicine of Family, Pediatrician, Puericultor, Medical instructor …
- Clinical Analyses, anatomopatológicos, biological …
- Radiology: simple, conventional X-ray photographies.
- Specialities:all the recognized ones and authorized by the O.M.C.
- Complementary means of Diagnosis: Radiology, analytical specific, scanner, magnetic   resonance, ultrasound scan, electros, endoscopias, you try allergy, functional tests.
- Medical Treatments: Cobalt and chemotherapy rehabilitation, litotricia, laserterapia …
- Unlimited Hospitalization: In single room and bed for accompanist, with all the expenses derived from the stay: infirmary, medicines, UCI … (in psychiatric 60 days).
- I subsidize for Hospitalization: Indemnification of 50 Euros (to dividing 3er day) in superior hospitalization to 48 h. In centers foreign to DKV up to a maximum of 30 days. -Surgical interventions: of all the specialities, included medical fees and the expenses for the intervention, treated by surgeons and specialists of the medical picture.
- Special reimbursement abroad: medical and / or surgical treatment for cases of critical illness diagnosed in Spain (cancer, heart attack, cerebro-vascular, transplant, paralysis …). Up to 80 % with total limit of 16.000 Euros.
- I Move and repatriation of wounded, sick or deceased policyholders.
- Early return, prolongation of stay.
- Up to 20.000 Euros for reimbursement of medical expenses of urgency, odontologic, pharmaceutical and surgical.
- Juridical defense, anticipation of bail up to 6.000 Euros.
- Sending of medicines, assistance to minors, etc …
All the presentations of the policy can be in use from the first day, with minimal exceptions as childbirth (8 months), transplant (12 months), etc. If contracts Integral DKV you will have access to a sanitary integral attention, of maximum quality and personalized treatment. You can find out and contract the insurance of health Integral DKV across our advisers.
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