Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes
Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes

DKV Mundisalud

Between the multiple options that DKV offers, there is DKV Mundisalud, an insurance of international health with which you will be able to be perfectly covered in your trips.


With DKV Mundisalud you can assure your medical assistance primary or specialized in centers not coordinated of any country, since in this case you are reimbursed by the medical expenses of any place of the world in the space of 7 days. It chooses the insurance DKV Mundisalud that better one adapts to your needs and to the coverages that you prefer for your insurance of international health.


The modalities of the policy DKV Mundisalud are Complet, Plus, Classic and Elite. To choose one or other one depends on the limits of expense that you need for your insurance of international health.


Possibility of choosing reimbursement or medical picture Sure
DKV returns to you 90 % of the expenses of medical acts realized abroad, and 80 % (if you contract the modality Elite 90 %) of the invoiced ones in Spain. If you visit doctors or clinics of the medical picture of Sure DKV, all the expenses are covered.

And in addition DKV Mundisalud offers you:

  • Indemnification of 50 Euros / day in case of hospitalization covered by the insurance and with associate expenses that are not chargeable to the company.
  • Your policy includes programs of preventive medicine and transplants of marrow, hepatic, renal, cornea and cardiac.
  • DKV Mundisalud helps you to receive treatment in someone of the most prestigious clinics of USA.
  • Exclusive coverage in therapies of homeopathy and acupuncture (both máx. 50 €/sesión and máx. 30 meetings acupuncture).

You can find out and contract the insurance of health DKV Mundisalud across our advisers.

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