Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes
Tu seguro de salud desde 30€ al mes

DKV Residentes

The maximum coverage
We Guarantee a medical assistance of quality to ages advanced to resident foreigners in Spain.


To your measure
Only do you need sanitary basic assistance? No problem, but also you can add to your coverage the repatriation to Germany in case of death or the attention Best Care. You decide and pay only what interests you!

What Is Best Care?

It is a service that guarantees the medical attention in Germany on the part of a specialist of recognized prestige for the diagnosis of certain critical illnesses. The consultation or the revenue in the chosen center are organized in the maximum space of five days, if the reports are in German or Englishman.

In addition, an indemnification guarantees in case of disaster of 500 € and one compensatory indemnification of 500 € in case of breach of the term.


Other exclusive coverages
Medicines, odontolgy, surgical protheses, homeopathy (you consult even 50 €), glasses, headphones, orthopedics, wheelchairs, treatment of the dream, dogs guides …


Do not forget that …
Resident DKV it covers 100 % of the attention in compound centers and 100 % of reimbursement in specialists of your choice. We you promise to reimburse your invoices in the maximum space of 7 days. You can continue with your insurance DKV if you return to Germany. You can include some medical preexistences by means of additional premium.
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Agente Exclusivo 27/1269


Antonio González                                                                                                  


29002 Málaga

Teléfono: +34 688905335


email: agonzalez@yomediador.es


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